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ELO 2201L iTouch verzija touchscreen monitor, 16:9, 22′, 1920×1080 50, 60Hz , kontrast, 1000:1, MTBF 50000 sati, crni


he 2201L offers a flexible, space-saving design, HD wide-aspect ratio 22-inch LCD touchmonitor with Windows 7 and 8 multi-touch interactivity. Well-suited to meet durability as well as aesthetic requirements for front-of-store, back office, kiosk and even out-of-store applications, the Elo TouchSolutions 2201L offers real versatility for a variety of retail and hospitality interactive solutions including: •Promotion of cross-channel, online sales in the store (shoppers purchase items online in the store for home delivery or shop for sold out or unavailable merchandise in additional store locations) •Hostess stations that require large screens to view restaurant layouts / seating charts •Back office solutions integrating labor management and inventory analysis •Customer assist and self-service solutions (theaters, hotels, auto dealerships) •Shelf-level / countertop interactive digital signage displays •Interactive HD video to promote lifestyle marketing in larger retail / lifestyle stores The 2201L features a choice of touchscreen technologies: IntelliTouch Plus multi-touch for an accurate two-touch response and vivid images; iTouch for a seamless, glass-to-edge zero-be zel design or projected capacitive (PCAP) for a durable, zero-bezel, glass-to-edge surface with multi-touch. And, instead of the high energy use CCFL backlights of other touchmonitors, the 2201L is set apart by using state-of-the-art LED technology to reduce energy usage. Wide-aspect displays like the Elo Touch Solutions 2201L are easier to use and incorporate into the workplace than traditional desktop touchmonitors. Wide-screen format displays allow extra content on the screen and are quickly becoming preferred in corporate environments for publishing and dual window applications, and are popular in public venue environments due to a high-definition cinematic-like experience.

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